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Luxury car hire Cape Town


A luxury car hire in Cape Town is the way to go if you are arriving to attend a wedding or special functions. Having a luxury car hire in Cape Town for several days will be much cheaper than a limo. With a limo, you would have to schedule it for several hours each day in order to even come close to keeping the price down near what a luxury car hire in Cape Town would cost. With the rental, you won’t be constrained by a pre-arranged schedule as with a limo and driver. If there is a delay or something goes wrong you can change your mind about when you leave and when you arrive without extra cost. Also, after the day is over, you still have the car to drive around in if you want to go see some sites or go out for the evening. That is not a possibility with a limo.

A luxury car hire in Cape Town is going to come with a higher rate than a regular rental because –it’s a luxury car. Luxury cars require more interior maintenance than other cars. Often they have leather interiors that must be cleaned and maintained with specialty items. Even their tires will be different from the standard compact car. One of the pleasures of a luxury car rental is that the cars themselves come with options like satellite radio, GPS, DVDs and heated seats that can make driving them around a wonderful experience.

Even though a luxury car hire in Cape Town will be more expensive than another type of car, you will still get all the convenience of a regular rental. You will be able to pick up your luxury car hire at Cape Town Airport when you arrive and drop it off there when you leave.

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