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If you are looking for a car hire in Pretoria, you are going to be taken aback at the variety of companies offering rental services cars there. You will be able to choose from local companies or any one of the global companies that service Pretoria. International companies like Avis, Hertz, Eurocar, Enterprise, Sixt all maintain branches in Pretoria. You can also choose whether you want to make advanced reservations or wait and secure your car hire in Pretoria.

There are also options for where you can pick up your car hire in Pretoria. Many of the larger rental companies have counters and rental lots at the airports. You can also pick up your car at the branch office or make arrangements to have it delivered to you at your hotel. Companies that provide car hire in Pretoria want to get your business and keep you coming back so they will more than willingly help you get to your rental car.

Make sure you exercise caution in considering the terms and conditions of the agreement before committing to a car hire. Pretoria has both large and small rental companies and each finds their own way to keep their costs low. While it may appear as if they are passing discounts on to you, those discounts also include enough charges to make it worth companies while. Check for who has the responsibility for providing the insurance on the rental. Car insurance, even temporary rental insurance is notoriously expensive in South Africa. You don’t want to add that bill to your travel expenses. If the company is providing the insurance, ask who is responsible for paying the excess should there be damage to the car. This is a popular way of hiding a cost on a rental agreement. An insurance policy with a high excess attached will be cheap in its premium costs. The gamble is that there will never be a claim. When the claim is put in, that excess fee must be paid first, and if you are responsible for it – it’s your bill, not theirs.

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